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Ladyboy Ladyboy Video – Fanta and Yaya

Last Updated: February 16th, 2017
Hey there once more guys and gals, and welcome back to another superb ladyboy ladyboy update this fine day. As last week, this time we bring you one superb and sexy video with one babe that you have gotten to see before. Of course it’s none other than Fanta, and you can see her previous superb scene here as well. Well she is also joined by the sexy and hot Yaya as well, and being a cute and sexy petite shemales as she is, Fanta gets to be on the recieving end this fine afternoon and take a nice and hard dicking up her fine and sexy ass for the afternoon. So let’s watch the show go down with the two.

As the scene starts off, first thing you get to see is the cute and horny babe Fanta as she sucks and slurps on Yaya’s nice and big cock to get it even harder. And she does quite the nice job at it too as she makes Yaya moan in pleasure as she uses her juicy lips to work the meat pole. Then you can see the cute and adorable babe Fanta as she gets to spread those sexy legs and let her cute and tight butt fucked missionary style by Yaya in the rest of this simply amazing and sexy scene today too. Have fun as always, and do check out the past scenes as well to see more shemales in hard fucking action too! Also you can visit the ladyboygold site and watch some cock hungry trannies fucking each others!

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Ladyboy Ladyboy – Belle and Nicole Fucking Video

It seems that miss Nicole just had waay too much fun these past few ladyboy ladyboy updates. So she decided to come back once more for you guys with a fresh scene and a new mate. This time the other babe joining her is named Belle and she’s just as naughty and kinky as Nicole as well. The two of them were all set to have their little ass fucking fun session today just for you, and they were eager to get started as well. So let’s watch the two shemales in action as they get to play with each other.

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In this particular scene though, Nicole gets to be the one that takes the ass fucking, and Belle was very happy to get to shove her nice and hard cock up her sexy and tight ass too. Enjoy seeing these cuties going at it nice and hard for the whole afternoon, and watch Niclole getting fucked nice and deep with her sexy long legs spread wide open for this fine afternoon. We will be seeing you guys as always next week once more with fresh scenes and more sexy shemales fucking hard style for you guys! If you’re looking for similar videos, check out the website and see some sexy t-girls fucking one another!

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Nicole Fucks Hot Polla

This is truly a special and sexy ladyboy ladyboy update. You guys loved miss Nicole last week and so we decided to have her over once more this fine day so that she may have some more fun on camera for you guys to see. her partner in crime sort of speak for this gallery is Polla and you did get to see this shemale babe as well in a past update too. We paired them as well to see just how much chemistry they can have as well. And as you can see, the answer is quite a lot. Let’s just get their show on the road today without any more distractions and see the two hot and sexy ladies as they get to fuck each other’s asses nice and hard!

As the cameras start to roll, the two cute and lovely ladies, make their entry and as all the cuties here, you can see them wearing quite the amazing and sexy outfits for you. See the sexy Polla as she gets to suck on Nicole’s superb and hard cock first to get her nice and hard for her ass, and then see her spreading open her long sexy legs to take the said cock nice and deep in her fine and sexy ass too. Enjoy the update and the hard style fuck that the two had this afternoon and do come next week back for some more nice and hot scenes as well. We’ll be seeing you then and rest assured we’ll have more sexy ladyboy ladyboy scenes for you! If you’re looking for similar videos, join the site and see other slutty trannies fucking each other’s tight ass!


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Ladyboy Ladyboy – Nicole and June

For this superb and hot ladyboy ladyboy update once more we bring you two hot and horny shemales. By now you know that we only have the cutest and sexiest babes that get to fuck one another’s asses, and these two fit the mold perfectly. Their names are Nicole and June, and one thing you need to know about them is that they just adore to do hard style fucking any day of the week. So let’s begin their ladyboy gold show and watch them in action as they get to have fun with those cocks and buttholes this nice and fine afternoon today!


Nicole and June know how to do everything right, and you get to watch them massaging each other’s superb bodies and perky tits as well to get each other even more turned on in this superb fuck scene. Sit back and watch June spreading her long sexy legs for Nicole, and see the brunette going in nice and deep in that fine and sexy ass with her hard cock today. We hope that you will enjoy it and we will be seeing you soon with many more fresh scenes and hot updates along with superb and sexy babes too. Bye for now!

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Special Maid Service

Well speaking, about hot and horny shemales that like to make beds rock, this is one nice ladyboy ladyboy update that has just that kind of scene as well. You can see another update like this one by clicking here too. But for now let’s get back on track with our two hot and lovely little shameles for the afternoon shall we? It’s quite the superb and hot show to see, so let’s not delay as we are also eager to show these two cuties off in their superb and lovely scene today everyone. Let’s get started without any more dues shall we?

As the cameras roll, these two hot and horny maids, make their way onto the bed, and they seem very eager to get started. Watch closely and see them taking the time to work one another’s nice and huge cocks with those sexy and luscious lips first of all, and then see them fuck. The one in red lingerie, gets to fuck her flat chested buddy with her hard cock as she makes her bounces up and down slamming that nice and tight ass the whole scene today. We hope you liked it and we’ll see you soon! Until then, check out the blog and watch other beautiful trannies fucking each other’s tight ass!


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Ladyboy Big Love

Another fresh week and time for another superb and sexy ladyboy ladyboy update today. In this superb scene, we have a busty shemale with a tight and horny ass and hard cock, and her fuck buddy, that’s quite petite in comparison, but makes up for it with a sexy and cute pair of tits, and a nice fat cock. And the first babe just adores to fuck this petite lady every time as that mighty cock just works so well in her nice and tight ass and she makes her blow her load during a ass fucking any time as well.


And their little fuck scene today was not out of the ordinary as well as they decided to have a go at it straight in the living room too. So watch as the petite cutie gets to lay on her back, while her sexy and eager friend gets to take a nice and hard cock ride on top of her might meat pole today. Enjoy this superb and sexy update, and see you guys next week with some more fresh and new ladyboy ladyboy scenes just like always. Meanwhile just enjoy seeing this eager babe getting a nice and good ass stretching from one huge and hard cock. Bye bye! If you liked this scene, maybe you wanna see some hot gay guys getting their tight asses fucked, so if you do, check out for more videos and pics! Have fun and see you soon!

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Ladyboy Ladyboy – Poy and Pang

Today it was a truly special scene that we got to shoot here at ladyboy ladyboy studios. This fine scene brings you the two most horny shemales that you can find. And their names are Poy and Pang. The two of them are here to entice and tease you with their scene as they get to do some nice and hard style rough fucking this afternoon for the cameras and you. And you can bet that they always like to do it nice and hard with each other every time too. So let’s not waste time and just get their superbly hot and horny show on the road as we bet that you are eager to see how the two of them fucked for the whole afternoon today everyone!

In their scene, just like all the other babes that you got to see around here, you can rest assured that you will get to see the two of them getting ready to enjoy their time with each other as they undress each other from some nice and kinky little outfits too. See Poy deciding to be the first to take a nice and hard cock ride, and see her having Pang laying on her back in bed so that she may ride her big cock cowgirl style today. Enjoy this superb and sexy fuck fest as per always everyone, and do make sure to stay tuned as well. We will be having more and more superb and sexy scenes for you guys to see next week as well! Until then, you can join the blog and watch a beautiful shemale getting ass fucked!


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Minty and View Fucking

This fine week ladyboy ladyboy returns with some more amazing sights to see as well. The two babes this week are named Minty and View and they are quite the horny and sexy little shemales. This afternoon you get to see just how both of them like to spend time together and have some nice and hard style fucks as well. So let’s get started as we bet that you are eager to see them in action without delay today everyone. They are quite hot and rest assured that we are looking forward to see them here once more again in the future!


The camera starts to roll, and it seems that these cuties also had a nice and sexy bedroom all to themselves with a nice and big bed to play in. And you have to admire those sexy and hot lingerie that they were wearing as well today. You get to watch them sucking and slurping on one another’s big cocks to get each other rock hard for the next part, and then you get to see them fucking nice and hard on the bed taking turns to penetrate each other’s ass for the whole scene. See them having fun, and do come back next week! Until then, you can enter the ShemaleIdol blog and watch other slutty t-girls banging some tight asses!

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Fanta and Milk

Hey there everyone, and good to see you once more. This week’s scene has more lovely shemales for you to enjoy, and in this particular ladyboy ladyboy gallery you get to see the sexy and hot babes Fanta and Milk, that quite contrary to what the real world meaning of their names are, they make quite the amazing pair when they decide to get naughty and kinky. Take this time to watch this afternoon scene with two very hot and amazing Asian shemales as they get to fuck one another nice and hard just for your enjoyment everyone, and have fun with an amazing scene today.

The superb and sexy scene starts off with both of them showing off those perky and playful tits as they begin to undress from their nice and sexy little outfits for the afternoon. Then they move lower and take their panties off too to show off their nice and big cocks too. Sit back and see as Milk gets to spread open her long and slender sexy legs, as Fanta gets to penetrate her cute and tight ass missionary style with her own large and eager cock today too. Enjoy it and see you next time with some fresh ladyboy ladyboy scenes just like always! Also you can click here and watch a hot t-girl fucking!


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Ladyboy Ladyboy – Cartoon and Minte

Hey there guys, and welcome back to another simply amazing and hot ladyboy ladyboy update today. This fine and fresh week we have another pair of superb and sexy Asian she males that want to have some sexual fun in front of the cameras and you guys. The two ladies are named Cartoon and Minte, and they are quite sizzling hot and sexy too. And if you want to see more just like these two, check out Janny and Nat and see some more ladyboys as they get to have some sexual fun for you guys to enjoy. Well let’s not delay any longer and just see Car and Minte in action as they get to spend this whole afternoon fucking one another just for your enjoyment!


The two hot and sexy Asian trannies were wearing quite the superb and sexy little outfits for the cameras, and you could just tell that they would have the time of their life today. These naughty trannies get to have their fun on the zebra fur pattern couch, and they went at each other’s nice and tight asses all afternoon long this fine day today! Watch as Cartoon is the first to fuck her eager buddy up the ass with her nice and big cock, making her moan in pleasure, and then see Minte taking up the challenge to penetrate Minte’s butt as well today. All in all it was great fun for everyone, and we’re expecting you to drop by next week as well for some more stuff!

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